Towing Service on July 8

Injury Needed Towing Service

When Grand Rapids Towing Service is called, we hate finding out someone was hurt. Unfortunately, that is what happened when we were called after an accident yesterday at 56th and Taylor in Ottawa County. A Chevy Aveo plowed into a Mazda 3. The driver of the Mazda 3 was sent to the hospital. The ambulance had trouble getting her out of the car. Both cars were totaled and required a towing service.

Grand Rapids Towing Service arrived to find both cars sitting in a flower garden, 70 feet deep at a neighborhood house. The Aveo had connected with the driver’s side, front end fender of the Mazda. The ground was soft from the persistent rain and the driver from Grand Rapids Towing Service winched both cars out.

Please folks, be careful at intersections. We like pulling cars out of the mud, but we hate it when we know an accident has occurred.

Front End Mazda 3 after Tow

Towing Service after accident with Mazda 3

Mazda 3 after towing service brought to impound

Towing Service backside view after accident with Mazda 3

Towing Service After Accident with Mazda 3

A towing service was needed when police and an ambulance was called after a Chevy Aveo ran a stop sign in Ottawa County yesterday. The Grand Rapids Towing Service operator was notified to come remove a Mazda 3 and Aveao from the garden of a local house.

When the towing service operator arrived he found the Mazda 3 in a terrible state. The towing service operator found the Mazda 3 and the Chevy Aveo in a garden, 70 feet deep into the yard of a local house. The towing service operator assessed the situation when he arrived. The towing service operator determined that he couldn’t drive up to either car on the soft ground. The towing service operator figured out he needed to winch both cars out. First, he moved his tow truck into postion. Next, he placed a hook on the uni-body of the Aveo. He carefully inched the Aveo out, pulling it through the yard. After about twenty minutes of pulling, the Aveo’s tires rolled onto the pavement. A different tow truck moved over to the Aveo and winched up onto a flatbed. It wasn’t able to be towed, due to the damage. Next, the towing service operator hooked the uni-body of the Mazda 3. The towing service operator inched the Mazda 3 onto firm ground, which was difficult due to the damage to the vehicle. It took about twenty-five minutes of winching for the Mazda 3 to be pulled out. After the Mazda 3 was pulled out, the towing service operator winched it onto the flatbed. He then took the Mazda 3 back to the lot.